The Zauber Hund Story

ZH BeginningsIn 1956 Daddy brought home an English Pointer. Thus began 60 years of upland bird hunting for our family. A Llewelyn Setter puppy named Queen arrived in 1960 when Kenny was 18 months old and quickly became his constant companion. Elmer and Daddy began a tradition that has been handed down to the third generation. The pictures on this page show all generations including Kenny’s son John and our niece Kiana. Pictured left are Elmer, Daddy, and John (5 years old) hunting on the family farm. If you look closely, John is carrying his “machine gun”!!

In 2011 Kiana began running Kat in field trials. Her enthusiasm and Kat’s determination resulted in an Open Class win and a second and third place finish in the Youth Division. John, a recent graduate of the University of Kentucky Law School, runs Rupp and has placed in the UFTA Nationals. The love of upland hunting, a day in the field and a Saturday watching college basketball with our dogs at our feet are magical, memorable moments for our family. We hope a Zauber Hund dog will bring you the same pleasure, companionship and hunting excitement we have come to enjoy.


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